How Technology Can Open Up #Election2016

Election 2016 has the opportunity to be the most participatory election in history.  Everything from crowdfunding to crowdsourcing to collaborative ways of building and sharing ideas can work to make this the most inclusive election we have ever witnessed.


When: August 4, 2020
Where: appbackr
2251 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Topic Leaders: Ken Smukler, Sasha Issenberg

At the same time the forces of voter suppression, apathy and an electorate uninspired by candidates having one way conversations can all conspire to undermine the good that technology can bring to elections.

Forum280 will explore how technology can open up #Election2016.  We will explore new tools that can vastly improve everything from caucusing to turnout to tracking election day results.

Election 2016 starts in February with the Iowa Caucuses-so with less than a year to go, hear the issues and find out how you can make a difference whether you are a founder, a coder, an innovator or someone just looking to understand the forces behind an open election.

Ken Smukler is the president of InfoVoter Technologies, a nationally recognized leader in the development of election technologies for non-profit organizations, foundations, and news media clients.  In 2002, VoterLink introduces two breakthrough technologies in the political marketplace: Robo+ customizing automated telecommunications in the political marketplace and Tracker providing the capability to track Election Day turnout in real-time across state lines. Infovoter Technologies has produced several voter hotlines including the Tom Joyner MYVOTE1 Voter Hotline with a reach of 8 million listeners.

Sasha Issenberg is the author of the book The Sushi Economy, and “The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns” about the new science of political campaigns. He is currently working on a book about the politics of gay marriage.  Sasha is a journalist with Bloomberg Politics and has been published in Philadelphia MagazineSlateThe Washington Monthly, The New York Times MagazineThe Atlantic, Boston magazine, the Boston GlobeMonocle and George Magazine, where he was a contributing editor.

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