With the 2016 election and critical issues like climate change, national security in front of us, and a Congress which is often at deadlock, now more than ever, innovators are a critical “Fifth Estate” that are being brought together by Forum280 with “owners of change” who want to disrupt critical, real world problems.

Forum280 invites 25-50 innovators to join members of Congress; diplomats; NGO executives to meet at venues in San Francisco and Silicon Valley approximately once a quarter.  Forums include networking time and last approximately 2 hours.

Presenting Sponsors underwrite the modest operating costs of Forum280 and receive major presence on the website, press releases, mailings and signage.  The cost is $20,000 per calendar year and pro-rated for 2015 to $15,000.  It is a rare opportunity to connect brands with hard to reach people about what they care about passionately.

Event  Sponsors underwrite the costs of individual Forum280 events and receive presence at the event, and in a post-event follow-up email.  Event sponsors are also thanked on the meeting’s Forum280 page.

The cost is $3,500 per event except for certain “special events”.  Companies can make some portion of the contribution through in-kind support for catering, frequent flyer mile donations that offset actual costs.

To discuss a sponsorship, please email us at sponsorship@forum280.com.

Forum280 is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that intends to apply for 501(c) (3) status under the Internal Revenue Service.  Currently contributions are not tax deductible.