How America Will Deal with Global Change?

When: April 2015
Where: Venue to be determined
Topic Leader: Doug Wilson

The challenge of non-stop change is the major national security challenge facing the United States today. The emergence of non-state actors with unprecedented and immediate access to global communication channels and weapons of mass destruction; the spotlight on pandemics, natural disasters and social revolutions in far-away places which both capture and lose the world’s attention in record time; and the fearful, reactive nature of government and public response to a seemingly-endless series of global crises all shape a larger framework of how to deal with the challenge of global change.

Former senior Pentagon spokesman and Assistant Secretary of Defense Doug Wilson, the three-time recipient of the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal (the Pentagon’s highest civilian honor), will address this framework and the key question stemming from it: how must Americans re-assess their policy approaches and outmoded government institutions to master the challenges of change rather than being the victims of change?

Wilson’s remarks and discussion will incorporate his personal experience in dealing with the nation’s toughest national security problems - including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, China, Iran, Libya, counter-terrorism, Wikileaks and the aftermath of the death of Osama bin Laden - and his leadership as a key Administration point person on one of the most significant social change issues of our time, the repeal of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell”.

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